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The Chiro Inspired Podcast

Jul 16, 2020

Bettina spends her life supporting others to live their ideal lives. Whether as a Chiropractor, a coach, a speaker, an author or a mother.

Priding herself as a lifelong learner She is in a constant research of how we live, love and lead. As part of this quest for knowledge, in 2017 she completed a year long advanced leadership course with a group of women from many and varied professional realms. This has served to sharpen her knowledge and ignited further a passion to share this knowledge with others.

Bettina has worked in many varied roles and a common theme is that she has a capacity to draw out the best from others and support authentic growth and expansion.

Jim is a passionate man who loves to learn. No matter what field of study he is undertaking at a given time, he immerses himself fully into it. He is especially passionate about the areas of mindset and personal growth and this fuels his voracious learning appetite.

With a background as a Doctor Of Chiropractic, and a fascination in the area of Neuroscience, Jim is focused on optimising human potential.

As a Certified Neuro-Behavioural Modeller(NBM), business and life Coach, Jim is focused on empowering all those he works with to focus on “Who They Need To Become” in order to achieve their outcomes, and to live their ultimate purpose.

An area of particular interest is working with entrepreneurs and business owners who have experienced rapid and exponential growth in their businesses, yet are overwhelmed, unfulfilled and “stuck”.

Jim is a true visionary, who sees the big picture in all he touches. He is committed to supporting others to see their vision more clearly and to courageously step into it.

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